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Eight panels, all 80” high, along with Jacob’s Ladder, comprise the Chroma series.  They                         explore the physical, social, psychological and historical sources, and applications of color.   Each panel has a wide range of mixed media techniques to help investigate and describe the colors we experience.  The series took me 3 1/2 years to complete.  My framer, Colleen Brightwell, built the armatures on which they are stretched, and the photos of Chroma were taken by Gloria Plascencia.  The series now permanently resides at School on Wheels headquarters, a Los Angeles nonprofit which provides educational support to homeless and foster school children.  A donation for the complex task of effecting the move was supported by a generous donation by Elaine Lasnik-Broida.

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Jacob's Ladder is 6' high, built on a wooden armature.  It is shown in conjunction with the poetry of Naomi Guttman which focuses on caring for the Earth.  And some lovely floating paper "angels" hang from the ceiling above when it is on display.  This piece remains with the artist.

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