I was inspired by the Abstract Expressionist multi media art made by Burri  while a POW in Hereford, Texas, during the Second World War.  An Italian Fascist, he had been captured by the Allies in North Africa.  He began painting when townspeople brought basic art supplies to the camp.  Burlap was the available substrate.  Also, my a visit to Alcatraz to see the Ai Wei Wei site-specific work made me think deeply about the experience of incarceration.    I see prison walls as a potential and potent canvas because of their ubiquity and the stories they may reveal.  Their staining and degradation reflect the experience of those who spend time in prison.   The series includes 9 quilts, 19 Cells on stretcher bars and 12 Keys - 6"  heavily embroidered squares of mixed media include antique keys.    The complete series can be seen at https://www.behance.net/gallery/57898381/INCARCERATION-Issues-of-Imprisonment      

Alcatraz 5
Alcatraz 6
Alcatraz VII
Alcatraz III
Alcatraz 4