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SUSPENSION is an installation comprised of burned pages I created with a wide array of mixed media techniques.   It was inspired by photographs taken by Yuri Dojc published as the Last Folio in 2016.  He visited what had once been a Jewish school in a village in Slovakia from which all the children and adults had been taken off one day in 1942 to Auschwitz.  What remained in the decrepit building when he visited 55 years later were books and Judaica ruined by time and dampness.  His photographic images of these finds are hauntingly beautiful and painfully evocative.  I saw an exhibition of the photos blown up in scale to several meters each at the National Library of Germany in Berlin in 2016,  just as the book was released, and knew I wanted to honor his work and those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.  My artwork is neither old nor impacted by water, but it reflects my use of modern materials, transferred dyes, screens I made and lots and lots of burning.  Each element represents a page from an imaginary historical text slowly becoming ash and fading memory.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

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